Star Plank

It’s the last week of July so I’m leaving you with a challenging plank exercise!  It looks easy but once you lift your top leg, you’ll engage your muscles head to toe and realize how hard it really is!



Check out Pop Sugar to see the move and many more great planks to try this week!


#100DaysOfRecipes Weekly Recap

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Day 25: Breakfast for Champions

-1/4 steel cut oats
-1 cup unsweetened almond milk
-2 tsp. chia seeds
-1/2 cup organic blueberries
-1/2 cup organic strawberries chopped
*Add oats and milk in a bowel and leave in the frig overnight to soften the oats. Top on with fresh berries, chia seeds, and enjoy! Also can cook oats if needed/preferred.
*Cal: 293 Carbs: 48 Fat: 10 Protein: 9 Sugar:12 Sodium: 182 Fiber: 12

Day 24: Gluten Free Turkey Sandwich
-2 gluten free slices of Utis bread
-4 turkey slices whites
-1/2 cup avocado
-1/2 cup cucumbers
-1 tbsp. hot and spicy mustard Trader Joes
-1 tbsp. dijon mustard Trader Joes
*Cal: 295 Carbs: 29 Fat: 12 Protein: 19 Sodium: 736 Sugar: 4

Day 23: Chorizo Flavored Scramble
-4 egg whites
-2 slices of turkey bacon
-1/2 cup avocado
-1/2 cup white onions
-1/2 cup veggies (spinach, kale, asparagus)
-2 tsp. chorizo seasoning
*Scramble egg whites, cook turkey bacon separately, chop & add eggs with veggies & top with cubed avocado
*Cal: 220 Carbs: 18 Fat: 8 Protein: 33 Sodium: 702 Sugar: 4

Day 22: Recovery Protein Shake
-1 scoop of whole foods vanilla whey protein
-1/2 cup organic frozen blueberries
-1 tbsp. fresh unsweetened coconut shavings
*Add first two ingredients in a blender and mix with water and ice. Sprinkle coconut on top.
*Cal: 152 Carbs: 20.7 Fat: 2.8 Protein: 16.8 Sugar: 15 Sodium: 40 Fiber: 2g

Day 21: Power House Cesar Salad
-2.5 oz of chicken
-1/2 cup kale
-1/2 cup spinach
-1/2 cup cubed sliced cumber
-1tbsp. flax seeds
-2 tbsp. Brianna’s Caesar Dressing
*Add all the ingredients in a large bowl and toss with dressing.
*Cal: 418 Carbs: 16 Fat: 28 Protein: 28 Sugar: 1 Sodium: 459 Fiber: 2g

Day 20: BBQ Chicken Tacos
-4 oz. shredded chicken
-1/2 cup chopped purple onion
-1/2 cup chopped cucmber
-2 tbsp. trader joes BBQ sauce
-2 corn tortillas

*Add all the ingredients in a large bowl except for the tortillas. Toast the tortilla on the stove and plop the ingredients on the tortilla for deliciousness!
*Cal: 350 Carbs: 40 Fat: 8 Protein: 30 Sodium: 300 Sugar: 10 Fiber: 3
*gluten free
*serves 2 tacos

Turn Up the Heat, Soak Up the Heart Healthy Benefits


This summer has gotten HOT! Why should we stop at just soaking up a good sun tan? Let’s cook some yummy food and soak up some heart healthy benefits!

Oil is often a main ingredient in a chef’s kitchen. Whether we’re sauteing vegetables, searing meat, baking brownies, or tossing a salad, we’re usually reaching in the cabinet for some type of oil.

There’s so many though! How do we know which one is best for what we’re cooking and most importantly which ones are good for our health?!

Cleveland Clinic, one of the top medical facilities in the country, has provided this great chart to illustrate the healthiest oils for every occasion.

Untitled 2

OIL: 101

High smoke point
Best suited for searing, browning and deep frying (although the latter is not a recommended practice where heart health is concerned).

Oil % Mono % Poly % Sat Nutrition Notes
Almond 65 28 7 Distinctive nutty flavor
Avocado 65 18 17 Sweet aroma
Hazelnut 82 11 7 Bold, strong flavor
Palm 38 10 52 High in saturated fat. Not recommended
Sunflower 79 7 14 Seek out high-oleic versions, which are higher in monounsaturated fat
“Light” olive/refined olive 78 8 14 The more refined the olive oil, the better its all-purpose cooking use. “Light” refers to color

Medium-high smoke point
Best suited for baking, oven cooking or stir frying.

Oil % Mono % Poly % Sat Nutrition Notes
Canola 62 31 7 Contains low levels of omega-3
Grapeseed 17 73 10 High in omega-6
Macadamia nut 84 3 13 Bold flavor
Extra virgin olive 78 8 14 Best-pick oil
Peanut 48 34 18 Great for stir frying

Medium smoke point
Best suited for light sautéing, sauces and low-heat baking.

Oil % Mono % Poly % Sat Nutrition Notes
Corn 25 62 13 High in omega-6. High-oleic (monounsaturated fat) versions coming soon
Hemp 15 75 10 Good source of omega-3. Keep refrigerated
Pumpkinseed 32 53 15 Contains omega-3
Sesame 41 44 15 Rich, nutty flavor. Keep refrigerated
Soybean 25 60 15 High in omega-6
Walnut 24 67 9 Good source of omega-3
Coconut 6 2 92 High in saturated fat. Use in moderation

No-heat oils*
Best used for dressings, dips or marinades.

Oil % Mono % Poly % Sat Nutrition Notes
Flaxseed 65 28 7 Excellent source of alpha-linolenic acid,
a form of omega-3
Wheat Germ 65 18 17 Rich in omega-6. Keep refrigerated



Happy Cooking!